The University of Bridgeport Wins Big in AAAEA 2018

By Khaled Elleithy

Dr. Khaled Elleithy and the three winners.

The University of Bridgeport has participated in the last 3 Annual Arabic American Association for Engineers and Architects. The University of Bridgeport Engineering students won three awards out of six awards in the AAAEA 2018 annual scholarship competition on November 2018. The three other awardees came from NJIT, NYU, and UConn. Also, Reem Alattas was selected as an inventor honoree. Our awardees are:
(1) Reem Alattas: CPSE Ph.D. Student
(2) Razan Abdelhameed: CPSE Ph.D. Student
(3) Diya Peng: BS Electrical Engineering (2 + 2 program)
The scholarships were awarded to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in engineering, architecture, or computer science. Industry professionals attended the event in Staten Island, NY, as more than 100 students from Tri-State universities competed for prizes.
Six winners were selected based on their grades, involvement in extracurricular activities, and responses to a series of questions regarding their research interests and ways they might harness their skills to address broad social issues.

Delegate of the University of Bridgeport in AAAEA 2018: Dr. Elleithy, Dr. Faezipour, Dr. Patel, Dr. Cahill, and the winners.

Below are quotes from the faculty advisors.

“Razan is a very motivated and hardworking student and has well demonstrated her abilities and excellence in conducting computer science and engineering research. I am truly impressed by her outstanding dedication, confidence, level of professional engagement and great achievements.” Dr. Miad Faezipour, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Ph.D. dissertation advisor of Razan

“Diya Peng not only demonstrated her excellent performance in the course study, but also showed strong interest and promising potential in research. She has participated in the research of Prof. Xiong’s NASA Connecticut Space Grant, “Balloon/Drone-based Aerial Platforms for Remote Particulate Matter Pollutant Monitoring” in 2017-2018. During her research, she used Tableau software to perform the visualization and analysis of air pollution data in US East Coast cities. Diya showed strong passion and worked very hard to accomplish her goals in the project. She quickly familiarizes herself with the software and obtained lots of results in a relatively short period. Based on her research results, she published a poster in 2018 ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Northeast Section conference. Her presentation at the conference has received positive feedback from the conference. “ Dr. Xingguo (Michael) Xiong, Associate Professor of Electrical and Ph.D. advisor of Diya

“Reem has tremendously impressed me since she joined the University of Bridgeport. She is tackling a challenging problem to design a framework to build self-assembly, self-reconfiguration, and self-repair robots that can be used in hazardous environments.” Dr. Tarek Sobh, Executive Vice President and dissertation advisor of Reem

“This is the third year for the Engineering students to participating in the AAAEA Annual scholarship awards. The Engineering students won at least three awards every single year from 2016 to 2018. The highly qualified students, the top-notch facilities available to conduct research in new and emerging technologies, and the eminent faculty have placed our students in a position to make this unprecedented achievement by any universities in the Tri-states area.” Dr. Khaled Elleithy, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education

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