2016 Ph.D. class in Computer Science and Engineering is the Largest in the Program History


Fourteen Ph.D. students in the Computer Science and Engineering department celebrate their degree completion at the 2016 Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony on May 5, 2016 and the University of Bridgeport Commencement ceremony on May 6, 2016. The complete list of graduates include:

Name Advisor
Abrar Alajlan Elleithy
Ahmed El Sayed Mahmood and Sobh
Aziz Alotaibi Mahmood
Bandar Alotaibi Elleithy
Hamoud Alshammari Bajwa and Lee
Hussain Alhassan Gupta
Hussam Ghunaim Dichter
Ibrahim Alshalabi Elleithy
Khald Aboalayon Faezipour
Marwah Almasri Elleithy
Naser Alajmi Elleithy
Samir Hamada Elleithy
Tariq Alshugran Dichter
Yuanyao Liu Mahmood
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